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Broiler Chicks offer a great way to fill your freezer with your own homegrown chicken. The white broiler aka Cornish Cross finishes in 5-8 weeks depending on desired finished size and feed. Obviously a 5 week old bird will usually be smaller than an 8 week broiler. Generally 5 weeks birds may good broiling chickens and 8 week old birds make better roasters.

By raising your own broilers or meat chickens you can control what kind of environment you food is raised in but most importantly you can control what it's being fed. You may not believe what that last chicken you ate was fed. The industry actually feeds broiler chickens arsenic, antibiotics, raw soy meal and lots of other stuff you wouldn't feed your own birds if you knew better.

Raw soy for example is basically toxic to all animals until it's been fermented. When you feed your broiler chickens straight from the bag without fermenting the feed it gives them diarrhea. Not only does it smell terrible but your broiler chicks will live a miserable life with constant diarrhea. Just by simply fermenting their bag feed you can eliminate a very stinky coop. Fementing also offers your broiler chicks more nutrition because the feed has already been broken down so the nitrients are more readily available to be absorbed. is here to help you decide which kind of broiler chicks are best suited for your set up. is also here to help you set up your own broiler facility. is your one stop shop for broiler chick information. We know where the best hatcheries are and you can share your experiences with us so we can get the word out.

If you are a local farmer you can pick your broiler chicks up right here at our farm or you can order them from the dozens of broiler hatcheries available. When ordering broiler chicks in the mail it's best to order from a hatchery thats as close as possible.Price shopping may not always be a good plan unless the hatcheries you choose are fairly close. You don't want your chicks in the mail for more than 2 days.